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MENGINTIP PROGRAM AWAL SPP Cerita Motivasi dan Inspirasi Nomor 1

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Para pembaca, kali ini saya tidak menulis soal keuangan dulu, melainkan sedikit soal Sekolah Penulis Pembelajar (SPP) yang sebagian sudah ditulis oleh Pak Andrias Harefa. Saya memang dilibatkan dalam proyek itu bersama dengan beberapa nama yang sudah biasa muncul di seperti Pak Andrias Harefa, Bung Edy Zaqeus, Bung RAB Adi Broto atau mitra seperti Bung Ang Tek Khun, Bung Hendry Bun dan teman-teman lain dalam jaringan kami, seperti Bung Hasudungan Sirait, Bung Salomo Simanungkalit, Bung Agoeng Widyatmoko, dan Bung Dodi Mawardi.

Kebetulan sekali dalam tim ini saya diminta untuk merumuskan program-program yang akan dijalankan oleh SPP. Untuk tahap awal SPP akan menyelenggarakan pelatihan untuk umum pada 13-14 Juni dan 15-16 Juni di Ruang Jahe, Hotel Menara Peninsula, Slipi, Jakarta Barat.

Program pertama ini didesain lebih-lebih untuk mereka yang sama sekali belum pernah menulis, atau mereka yang berpikir bahwa menulis adalah tugas yang mahaberat. Bung Andrias Harefa dalam pelat
... baca selengkapnya di MENGINTIP PROGRAM AWAL SPP Cerita Motivasi dan Inspirasi Nomor Satu

Monday, May 20, 2013

Office Chairs Mesh Back and Seat

  • LexMod Edge Office Chair with Mesh Back and Black Leatherette Seat

If you want to get the office chairs mesh back and seat, you can choose the LexMod Focus Office Chair. This chair is very comfortable. More importantly, it also can make you keep your back healthy.

JannD, a customer, said before using this chair, he had a back problem. But after using this chair, his back works properly. This seat has a lumbar support that helps you keep your back always comfortable.

He felt very comfortable using this chair at work. He uses this chair 6-8 hours each day. He was very pleased with this chair. No complaints. Adjustment feature is very helpful to get a comfortable sitting position.

Moreover, the price is affordable seats, namely under $200. Of course, if you want the more comfortable and sturdy seat, you need to buy seats at a higher price.

However, if your budget is tight, the LexMod Focus Office Chair is adequate. You need to use this seat properly. Many people claimed to have been helped by the office chairs mesh back and seat.
  • Mesh back and sponge seat covered with mesh fabric
  • Seat tilt with tension control
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Flip-up arms

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LexMod Fucus Office Chair - Best-Selling Chairs 

LexMod Focus Office Chair - Best-Selling Chairs

  • LexMod Focus Office Chair with Mesh Back and Sponge Seat

If you look for the best ergonomic office chair with affordable price, you could choose the LexMod Focus Office Chair. This is the best-selling chairs in the Home Office Desk Chairs category. This seat is good quality and all part of this chair is plastic, however they are heavy duty with a minimum number of working parts.

Overall, many customers love this  LexMod Focus Office Chair. A customer stated that this seat is the great pic. It was outstanding and very comfortable. The armrests can flip up and down. He is very happy with this seat. The seat assembly is very easy so you do not worry.

 So, this chair is very popular mainly because it is cheap, convenient, and its design looks good. This chair is large that you are weighing more than 200 pounds will remain comfortable.

Some advantages of this chair are:

It has a good quality.

It has a good lumbar support. Although some customers expressed that the lumbar support slightly downward. However, this is very adequate and you will be helped to have a healthy back.

The price is affordable.  The nice design, low price and made of durable material is something that is very loved by the general consumers.

It is made on some colors like black mesh back, black seat, blue mesh back, etc. But, most customers love the Black Seat.

Of course, this chair also has weaknesses. For example, some consumers considered that the quality of the mesh seat and mesh arm is not good. Rear backrest lower lacking so less relaxed. Meanwhile, the seats are not bolted to the metal tube / pump that attaches to the foot. If you want to take it, you have to lift it from the bottom.

However, overall this seat is a good quality. Most customers say that this chair is great and very comfortable. It also has some adjustment features.